Branding Takes Businesses To The Next Level.

Think of The DIY Brand Builder Kit as your team’s secret new “step ladder”.

Branding is more than the applying logos to websites, stationery and brochures. Branding sets the tone for how your company shows up in the world.

Branding takes into account the customers you sell to, the competitive market you’re in, and the unique attributes you bring to market.

While your team may not have in-house design capabilities, there is a lot of valuable work to tackle before enlisting the help of a professional designer. The DIY Brand Building Kit presents a series of questions and tools that will guide you through an exploration of your brand and its unique issues and opportunities.

Learn How Your Team Can…

  Improve the effectiveness of your messaging

  Develop a plan that keeps messaging on point

  Analyze and learn from your competitors

  Create a more consistent brand look

  Ensure upcoming projects stay “on brand”

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