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At the heart of every brand lies an idea, a solution aimed at resolving a problem faced by customers. When you initially established your brand, you knew you were bringing something superior or unique, to the market. The purpose of  logos and brand identities is to leverage these distinctions and represent them visually, allowing your customers to easily recognize and associate with your brand.

It’s your “better ideas”, amplified and visualized and your identity forms the foundation of your new consumer brand.

Strongbacks Brand Identity
Fawn & Moose Brand Identity
Bicycle Trade Association of Canada Logo
Micromill Incorporated Logo
Innofoods Brand Identity
180 Club Youth Ministry Logo
Capilano Community Church Logo
Quilchena Golf Course Logo
Scooters Ice cream Brand Identity
Altan Engineering Logo
Justonic Tuning Logo
Robinson + Company Logo

Pick The Logo Or Identity Package That Fits You Best.

No matter where you are in the growth of your business, we can help you create a memorable brand.

A Do It Yourself Approach To Brand Building

Our Logo-Only Package presents you with more of a “blank canvas”, creativity-wise. Think of it as a low-budget brand starting point and a challenge to your creativity.

It’s ideal for digital-only businesses and small startups with limited budgets. Your logo will work great for Google Docs, MS Word, websites and social media, but as this package does not include a Brand Guide, you’ll have some design decisions to make on your own.

If you have some design chops, this may be a good choice. If that doesn’t sound like you (you’re wearing mismatched socks), this may not be the right choice.

Choose this option if your needs are simple, your budget is lean, and your logo is destined to live online.

A Guided Journey to Your Unique New Look

For something more comprehensive, consider the Brand Identity Package. It’s not just a logo; it’s a guide to your brand’s new visual universe. It tells you how to layout a letter, how to set type in print and online, how to breathe life into your unique look. It’s a map, showing you where to place your logo, how much space to leave around it, and the exact shades of your corporate colours.

With this package, you’ve got standards in a guide. You’ll be able to confidently tackle projects, documents, slide decks, and even your website. You’ll have design standards, specifications, and a suite of logo variations.

It’s more than a Logo — It’s your Brand’s DNA.

My Most Comprehensive Branding-Building Package

And if you’re looking for the most comprehensive branding package, consider our Deluxe Brand Identity Package. It includes everything in the other packages, — PLUS a load of other helpful brand essentials!

  • Business card
  • E-letterhead
  • Social media profiles and headers
  • Branded Zoom background, and a PowerPoint deck,

… customized and ready to use!

You’ll hit the ground running, with a comprehensive Brand Guide, eye-catching email signature, new stationery designs, branded presentation materials, and even a branded background for video calls.

It’s not just a package; it’s a Brand Transformation Kit.

* Business card design does not include printing costs. Price includes up to 6 staff member cards. Extra charges apply for additional cards and business card printing. PowerPoint template is based on standard template in PowerPoint. Custom PowerPoint designs are not available at this time.

“Brent did a brilliant designing our new identity. He positioned us effectively, explained his process, and provided a guide for implementing changes. He’s easy to work and highly recommended!”

Janet Amos
Learning & Development Manager,
Pacific Blue Cross


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