Packaging is your last chance to sell.
Do your packs help close the sale?

Image of Beaver Buzz packaging design

You’ve done what you can to promote your brand, but if your package fails in-store, it’s all for naught.

Your packages have to keep product fresh and safe, of course, but they also have to set you apart from the brands a few feet over. As such, it’s important that your packaging is designed with your overall brand strategy in mind. If your packaging fails to align with your brand, you’ll fail to connect with customers or they’ll see you as inauthentic or cheap.

We dig deep for understanding to craft packaging that showcases your brand.

Our “Groundwork Sessions” involve discussions, worksheets and stakeholder interviews to ensure we’ve accurately diagnosed your brand’s issues before prescribing package design solutions.

Working together, we’ll develop great-looking packaging that:

  • Supports your brand’s positioning & key messaging
  • Highlights the differences that make your brand unique
  • Includes plans for line extensions and sub-categories
  • Has maximum legibility & impact on store shelves
  • Stands out from your competitors

“Brent did an amazing job developing a new brand for our family baking company. He listened to our ideas and included us in his design process. He is a true professional with an impressive portfolio of experience. We look forward to future projects with Flink Branding.”

Neil Reddy
Reddymade Baking Co

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