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BRANDS — That support your key messaging and make sales easier.
PACKAGING — That helps you stand out on store shelves.
WEBSITES — That move customers from “curious” to “captivated”.

Hi. I’m Brent Flink, a Brand Designer, Packaging Designer & Web Developer.

I know. It seems like a LOT of specialties for one person. But I’ve been a designer for over three decades, and I’ve worked in advertising, film & television, packaging, social media and the web.

Yes. You’re in good hands.

Logos & Brand Identity

I’ll craft your strategy-based brand identity system with design elements that include:

  • Logo Design
  • Typography Recommendations
  • Corporate Colour Pallete
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Style Guide

Product Packaging

Your packaging is the last chance to close a sale with customers. I create packaging that:

  • Highlights features & benefits
  • Differentiates product varieties
  • Appeals to consumers
  • Allows for easier line extensions
  • Unifies your brand

Web Design & Development

Websites crafted to support sales and help convert the curious into customers. I offer my clients:

  • Responsive web design
  • Woocommerce online stores
  • Easy for client to make updates
  • Customer-focused messaging
  • Faster sites for higher engagement


Do any of these sound like you?

  • You’re an entrepreneur launching a new business and need a brand identity that impresses investors and entices new customers.
  • You’ve been in business a while and have outgrown your branding. Your appearance has become inconsistent or no longer communicates who you are.
  • Your website was state-of-the-art when it was designed. But that was years ago, and now your site lacks functionality, seems dated, slow and looks bad on mobile.
  • Your packaging gets lost on store shelves or confused for another brand.
  • Your packaging lacks consistency and your products look like they come from different companies.

Together, we can improve your branding, packaging and online presence for a professional appearance that will appeal to customers, buyers and retailers alike.

Servicing Clients in a wide range of industries

I’ve been at this a while. Over my 30 years in advertising, packaging and design, I’ve worked with clients in a wide range of industries, including education, finance, food & beverage, government, health & wellness, manufacturing, music, technology, telecommunications, tourism and more.

The processes are the same but the insights gained can be very different. My decades of experience give me a fresh perspective that can provide new ways of addressing your business problems.

Flink past client logo for Kosa Foods

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Freelancer, Large Branding Agency or Flink Branding?
Who Should You Choose?

Near View

Lack of Context

Freelance Graphic Designers.

There are loads of graphic designers. How do you decide who’s an ideal fit? The best approach is to start by considering the level of thinking your project needs. Let’s say you need a logo, for example. Many freelancers (and cheap logo providers) will gladly help you out by developing concepts. But in the interests of working fast, they fail to see the larger picture.

These designers tend to put blinders on and crank out logos without ever considering your market positioning, your ideal customers and their needs, or even your company’s goals.

If questions like these sound important to you, (because they are) not just any freelance designer will be a good fit for your project. You may need bigger picture thinking.

FAR View

Too wide in scope

Big Branding Agencies.

A full-service agency may be what you need. They have more resources available to them than freelancers. For very large complex branding projects that may require many different skill sets, consider a full-service agency.

They may have in-depth market research, analysis, SEO, photography, web development and sometimes even animation, all sorts of very specific skills, all under one roof. The tasks will be better handled than if you tried to hire all the specialists separately on your own, but you’ll also need a larger budget to cover the greater overhead of a firm like this. You’ll interact with project managers directly but will have very limited access to the actual creative staff working on your projects.

Be certain of what you’re looking for. Your project will move much slower, and you may be subjected to months of “touchy-feely” meetings about brand ethos and end up with an exhaustively detailed brand document that few people will have the patience to wade through. Big-picture thinking is great but can be taken too far for practical purposes. — Would you read through 10 pages on aligning your logo on things?

In general, the higher the risk your company may face with a branding misstep, the more they’re likely to want and need a large agency.


Right-sized Solutions

The “Just-Right” Sized Option.

I serve small and medium-sized businesses and startups who need big-picture thinking to shape their projects. I understand the little design details that make your project better and the larger context of the market in which it competes.

I value working quickly and efficiently and want the investment you make with me to have an immediate effect. I can make your organization more profitable, more recognizable and more attractive. Whether we’re working together on your branding, packaging, or your website. (or all three!)

"Knowledgeable With Great Advice."

“Brent was very knowledgeable and had some fantastic advice for us. We’re excited to use our new look, and will continue to use Flink Branding in the future.”

Jim Linnell
Owner / Operator, Scooters Ice Cream,
Kelowna BC

"He Set Us Apart From Other Pizza Brands"

“Flink Branding helped properly position Papa Murphy’s and separate us from other pizza brands…Customers say the new site is easier to navigate and nicer looking — and so far sales are up too…

Cameron Fruin
Marketing Manager, Canada
Papa Murphy’s Pizza (Canada), Vancouver BC

"You've Gotta' Try This Guy!"

“…I had him create a logo, signage, and, of course, a website. I absolutely love how it all turned out. It loads fast, looks great on mobile, and says everything right. You’ve gotta’ try this guy!”

David Myer
Strongbacks Landscaping,
White Rock BC

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