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Logos vs Brands.

The eternal battle. Logo? Or Brand? Both? What does your company need?

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Logos & Brands Are Different.

Brands Include Logos.
But Logos Are Just Part Of What Brings New Brands To Life.

A Brand is the full expression of your company’s identity and includes visual attributes like logos, fonts, colours, patterns and photographic or illustrative styles.

A Brand sets consumer expectations for what they’ll experience when doing business with or buying products from, your company. It’s the stories you tell, the messages you deliver and the ways in which you deliver them.

Brands allow businesses to build customer relationships more easily, they help companies sell at better margins and introduce line extensions with less marketing spend.

Brands Have The Advantage When It Comes To Marketing.

Brands are different. We don’t treat them the same as commodity “unbranded” products. — Brands become a familiar part of our lives and households. They’re perceived to be better and meaningfully different than their peers.

Successful food and beverage companies invest in managing consumer perceptions through brand building. By focusing on specific customers and specific needs they build relationships based on trust and affinity. They can even create tribes of followers who evangelize on behalf of their brand, like Apple computer users, for example.

Brands Don’t Have To Be Discounted To Sell.

Coca-cola line extensions example image

Branded products aren’t commoditized in the minds of consumers.

When products aren’t easily understood as being different or better, they’re shopped by price alone. Unbranded products are left to fight for market share by dropping their price repeatedly until their margins no longer support their businesses and they’re forced out of business.

New Ideas Are Readily Accepted. If They Know Your Brand.

Familiarity and relationships build trust. And when you’re launching something new, trust is key for encouraging trial.

Consumers and retailers both put their trust in proven entities. Coke™, for example, doesn’t have to spend as much to market a new variant of Coca-Cola™ as they would without its brand recognition.

We trust Coke, and because of that, we’re more likely to try their new Stevia-sweetened cola than we would without the Coke name attached.

So, Why Brand?

Well, Imagine If….

1. You Could Know You’re Reaching The Right People With Every New Marketing Program.

There’d be a lot less wasted effort.

Less money is spent reaching people who will never likely buy your product. Less money will be spent producing content that will miss the mark. And less time wasted chasing after the wrong goal.

2. You Could Know You’re Delivering The “Right Message”— An Idea That’ll Get Your Brand Noticed?

Your competitors are already talking. They may have been for years. — They’re muddying up your nice social media landscape with their crummy content, they’re advertising online and in print. They’re seemingly everywhere you look. 

What if your message could stand out — despite all their noise?

3. You Had Devoted Customers Who Told Their Friends How Much They Love Your Brand.

When people find something they lovethey share it! We’re always looking for ways to help others. Especially if we look a little smarter while doing it. — If we find a brand we love, we’ll tell others like us about it And more people who fit your target audience will find you. — Schwinng! Party Time! Excellent! — Free word-of-mouth sales!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR / / / Brent Flink is an award-winning graphic designer, marketer and the founder and Creative Director of Flink Branding, a Vancouver-based food & beverage brand design firm. He specializes in helping food and beverage brands find their authentic voice and build brands that build companies.

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