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Describe Your Brand In Just 5 Words.

Do your brand perceptions line up with what the public thinks? Do they line up with what you say online? In print? And everywhere else?

Brands are built on perceptions. They’re an accumulation of everything your company does and says as well as people’s perceptions of those experiences.

Brands and brand perceptions can be changed (thank goodness) but before you try to change them, it’s helpful to check how the perceptions your management have of your company against the perceptions the general public have. Especially the part of the public who buy what you sell.

Now, take a look at the chart of descriptive words above and ask …

  1. Which 5 Words your Management Team would use to describe your company today?
  2. Then look at your marketing materials and website, packaging and consider if you’re actually delivering the key messages you’ve identified.

If so, congratulations! You’re doing something right!

If not, you’ve got some work to do.

Get in touch and let’s get started. If your brand isn’t what it should be, I can help!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR / / / Brent Flink is an award-winning graphic designer, marketer and the founder and Creative Director of Flink Branding, a Vancouver-based food & beverage brand design firm. He specializes in helping food and beverage brands find their authentic voice and build brands that build companies. brent@flink.ca

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