Most Web Design Firms Want You To Write The Content.

But you’re not
a copywriter!

How would you know
what to feature on your website?

Your offices? The assembly line? Your new product lineup? There’s so much you’d like to say … but where do you start?

What should you say?

While good design is essential,
your messaging matters more.

Words matter.

While it’s true that design is essential, your website’s messaging matters more. We believe in a marketing-led approach to content creation, meaning we’ll work with you to craft content that speaks to your audience and moves them closer to becoming customers.

People don’t necessarily buy the best products and services; they buy the ones with the clearest and most understandable messaging.

Most people have a lot to communicate with their customers. But according to a recent study by Microsoft, you have as few as 8 seconds to grab their attention before they’ve left to look for answers elsewhere.

With that in mind, it’s hard to know what to say (and in what order) when you’re so close to your own business.

That’s why getting an outside perspective can be so helpful. Together, we can ensure your messaging is clear and concise and your marketing messages are compelling.

“We were launching a new snack brand and had only a few weeks to create materials for an important trade show.

Brent built our booth, sales presentation, social media ad campaign and even an e-commerce website — all in time for our launch at the show!

Highly recommended.”

Leanne Stasiuk, Basic Grain Products

Our Websites Feature:

A Solid Strategy

How you say what you say depends on your industry and your customers. We’ll work with you to ensure you’re speaking to the right people in the right ways.

Copy And Design... Together

We don’t just “decorate the text.” The most memorable website designs use both great copy and compelling visuals to tell the story.

A Proven Foundation

We build sites using a WordPress foundation. WordPress sites are currently powering over 40% of all websites. Some of the world’s largest brands have sites built with this powerful CMS platform.

Fast Hosting And Support

Our hosting and support packages feature solid security, automated daily backups, and weekly plugin updates so your new business website requires no additional attention from you. It just works.

Your Website Sets Customer Impressions About Your Company!

Your website can do so much more than serve as an online brochure or business card.

With the right strategy, customer-oriented messaging and an established lead generation plan, your site can bring you new leads and new business!

It’s time for your website to bring you leads, boost sales — and earn you money!

Increased Sales

Instead of an online brochure, your website can be part of your sales process. Moving prospects further down your marketing funnel towards a sale.

Clearer Messaging

Your website messaging will be clearer when your goals are clearer. What are the aims for your new website? Do you know?

Better User Experience

Good design and user experience (UX) builds trust and makes it easier for customers to navigate, research and interact.

Greater Confidence

The days of feeling embarrassed by your website are over! Your new site will be super fast, responsive and intuitive.

“Flink Branding helped properly position Papa Murphy’s and separate us from other pizza brands…Customers say the new site is easier to navigate and nicer looking — and so far, sales are up too…”

Cameron Fruin, Marketing Manager, Papa Murphy’s Pizza (Canada)

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