Research Lays
The Foundation.

Our “Groundwork Sessions” are brand discovery tools that provide
the framework for solutions that fit your business.


Groundwork sessions.

This stand-alone consultation to help clarify and define your brand is prerequisite for all first time client projects.

The fee is deducted from the total for your design project (branding, packaging or websites) should you choose to continue to work with Flink Branding.


As you create marketing pieces this exercise helps you deliver the right messages to the right people while maintaining a consistent approach. Together we’ll review your company’s unique strengths, your competitors, your audience and the goals you have for your brand.

Together with you and you team we’ll clarify your brand’s audience, competitors, competitive advantage and more.

1. Brand Discovery & Customer Profiles
Customer profiles are crafted through thorough research and brand audit, focusing on your top customer types. These profiles are pivotal in brand building, ensuring that both messaging and design strategies remain on-brand.

2. Brand USP, Intangibles & Brand Creation
The distinct features and benefits that elevate your brand, coupled with intangibles, like your unique brand-building approach, can significantly set your brand apart in the market.

3. Brand Positioning & Brand Builder Insights
We’ll delve deep into your brand versus competitors, leveraging brand audit insights. This will help us identify alternative brand positioning ideas that can further differentiate and enhance your brand creation process.

4. Moodboards for Brand Building
Moodboards are instrumental in streamlining the brand build process. They offer clients an opportunity to significantly contribute to a brand’s overall aesthetic —  especially in packaging.

5. Project Design Brief & Brand Creation Strategy
A comprehensive overview of what we’ve unearthed about your brand, paired with your business goals. This brief also includes timing constraints, packaging specifications, hosting data, suppliers, and more.

“As an Advertising Art Director, I’ve learned how to shape consumer perceptions with a combination of good design and targetted messaging. While my years as a Packaging Designer taught me to captivate customers and build brands people love.

Now, with Flink Branding, I’ve merged strategic marketing thinking with solid brand design skills to turn curiosity into sales—and I can do the same for you and your brand.”



Let’s Make Your Brand Better.

Thanks for your interest in working together. We’d love to learn more about your business and how we can help build your company’s new brand.

Please fill in this form and indicate which services you’re most interested in. We’ll get back to you within 24hrs and schedule an online video chat to discuss your project. Thanks.

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