Your Name Is A Brand Promise.

The right name starts the customer conversation
with an implied benefit.

Wanna’ Spend Your Marketing AND Ad Dollars Explaining
Your Name?

We didn’t think so.

But that’s exactly what some companies do. They get so attached to the “clever name” the boss came up with, that they stop to ask themselves — if it really works. 

Clever and utterly unique names that need to spelled out each time on the phone. Like “Emily” spelled “Emmalee”. Or companies with geographically-based names like “Langley Concrete” (located in Abbotsford) or Minnesota Manufacturing & Mining, which makes Post-It Notes (now known as 3M).

Over time, companies often outgrow their names when their offerings evolve, or when real estate shifts force a relocation. It’s a common scenario in brand naming.

Some overlook the long-term implications of their brand name creation, focusing too much on clever wordplay.

Been there, done that, too. Consider my previous company, Indivisual Design;  a name I thought was cool and meaningful. But in reality, it didn’t work well on the phone — or even in conversation. No one got it.

I received countless mails addressed to Indivi-dual Design. If they can’t spell your brand name after hearing it, they’re less likely to find you online. That’s where domain name availability comes into play. Without a solid, memorable URL, your outreach efforts will be for nothing.

Any brand name can gain traction if you pump enough marketing dollars into it.

No one visits Amazon expecting products from the rainforest, right? But why make it harder for yourself?

In the early stages of your business, your focus should be on maximum customer impact. Naming strategies then, that highlight how you’re unique and better (your value proposition) set the right tone with customers from the start.


A process that includes:

Synonym Brainstorms: Using your brand’s core attributes and differences, we create lists and groupings of synonyms for those words, searching for words with multiple meanings which can help make for more tagline options.

Latin & Foreign Words: The English language is full of words from other languages, and brand names are often based on those Latin-sounding words or foreign words. “Volvo” for example, is based on the Latin word “volvere” meaning “to roll” or “Oculus”, the Latin word for “eye”.

Word Parts: Prefixes and suffixes can be added to coin new product names, effectively adapting the language. This approach is common in domain name creation, resulting in names like “Invoicely” and “Grammarly”.

Domain Availability: Once we have a shortlist, we check domain name availability for .com, .ca, and .net names. If the root word isn’t available, we try adding various suffixes, prefixes, and descriptors to find the right name brand with a concise add-on or call-to-action.

Trademark Search: We’ll search the Canadian Trademarks Database for your proposed brand name. Some names can’t be registered. For instance, “wurst” wouldn’t work for a meat company since it means sausage in German. Also, places can’t be registered names.

Recommendations & Insights: When presenting potential product names to clients, we also share our insights on the potential benefits and challenges of each brand name. Some might look good on paper but can be easily misspelled. Others might have negative connotations in certain cultures. Some might just be too long to say repeatedly or sound too familiar.

*NOTE: While we don’t require it, we strongly recommend you also do Groundwork Sessions for best results.

* Names generated have been vetted for domain name availability and similar occurrences in similar categories online. Trademarks are searched via the Canadian Trademarks Database. US Trademark searches are possible for an additional charge. Please enquire.

“…I had him create a logo, signage, and, of course, a website. I absolutely love how it all turned out. It loads fast, looks great on mobile, and says everything right. You’ve gotta’ try this guy!”

David Myer, Strongbacks Landscaping, White Rock BC

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