Is Your Brand Gathering Followers Or Gathering Dust?

We Make Brands Better.

Brands that support your key messaging and make sales easier
Brands created to appeal to your specific customers’ needs & wants
Brands make the adoption of new line extensions much easier

Support Premium Pricing

People judge brands by their appearance. Professional design makes things look better, and brands that look better are perceived as being worth more.

Build Retailer Trust

We trust professionalism and polish. Retailers try to minimize risk by stocking products from brands and companies that seem more established.

Attract New Followers

Consumers are attracted to brands they identify with. Our process creates brands and messaging that appeal to consumers’ tastes and desires.

Stand Out In-Store

Brands stand out by understanding their customers and their competitors and then capitalizing on the ideas that make them different and better.

Support Premium Pricing

People judge appearances. Great design makes things look better, and brands that look better are seen as being worth more.

Build Retailer Trust

People place trust in design & polish. Retailers aim to lower risk by carrying brands they perceive as more professional looking.


Attract New Followers


Consumers are attracted to brands they identify with. We create brands and messaging that customers connect with and like.

Stand Out On Store Shelves

Brands stand out by understanding their customers, and their competitors and then capitalizing on the ideas that make them different and better.

Brands Are More Than Logos

Most People Think Branding Means Placing Logos All Over Their Ads & Products.

But Branding Goes Far Deeper Than
Just Nicely Placing Logos On Things…

Branding Changes The Way People Think Of Your Brand.

If it were as easy as the consistent placement of logos, we’d have “Starbucks clones” all over the place. — We don’t. Because branding is a lot more than logo application.

Your brand is expressed in the way you look. True. But it’s also expressed in the things you do, the places you show up, and the messages you deliver.

A brand is a more all-encompassing blueprint for the way you want to be perceived by customers. — For example, “Warm and engaging, trusted, an authority, the fun company etc.


We Build Brands That Solve Perception Problems.

Because your brand is created to appeal to customers. Not just look nice on your business card.

Whether you are involved in creating them or not, brands develop reputations.

For example, people may see you as high-quality, innovative and playful. Or they might perceive your brand to be out-of-touch, over-priced and lacklustre.

They’ll draw their own conclusions based on every interaction with your brand, company, people, and product. You may not like them, but the good news is that we can formulate a plan to change them.

Through our branding process, you’ll come to understand where your brand is leading, where it’s lacking and where there may be opportunities for improvement.

It’s a plan for changing how you’re seen and it’s a plan for determining how you’d like to be seen. And it helps set the tone for all your future interactions.

Our Brand Development Process Is A Bit Different Because…

It’s Intuitive.

You’ll be brought step-by-step through the entire brand development process, with each step building on the ones before in our intuitive and easy-to-understand model.

It’s Really Thorough.

Together, we’ll review your competitors, their messaging, their claims and opportunities for your brand to stand out based on the larger marketplace.

And It’s Even Collaborative.

We’ll build a comprehensive document that can be shared with your stakeholders. Bringing them into the overall process or simply updating them.

You Might Even Enjoy The Process!

The logic of each decision becomes apparent as one decision builds on another. Design options then are changed from “interesting creative ideas” to “ideas based on strategic thinking”.

“We were struggling with some very complex branding issues and Brent delivered for us big time. He took the time, asked great questions and developed a campaign that is us.”

Arden Henley, Vice-President, City University of Canada

Our 3-Step Branding Process Includes:

We’ll get “under the hood” and learn about your business and marketing efforts to date.

We’ll review the things that are working and not working. Then we’ll dig deep into what makes your product, service or company unique, different and better and how we might best bring those differences forward in your brand and messaging.

We’ll also do some research to get to know your competitors and customers better.

Then we’ll suggest market positioning for your brand to enjoy greater success in the market.

Lastly, we’ll visualize your ideal brand together through mood boards and collaborative discussions.

Once we’ve gathered and analyzed your information and have a shared understanding of our goals and our ideal messaging, we can create visual brand assets in a way that supports the information we’ve discovered about your brand.

We’ll start by developing your logo and identity system (stationery, email signatures etc.), then provide a manual that will be your guide to colours, imagery, writing style and more.

By downloading you understand that you are also opting in to our weekly emails. It’s full of brand building goodness (of course) and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Ready For A Brand That Builds Followers And Boosts Business?

Your brand can help build retailer trust, stand out in-store and online and become a customer favourite. When your messaging and appearance align with what your customer wants, you’ll be building on a solid foundation.

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