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We Judge Books By Their Covers And Products By Their Packaging

Consumers take between 5 to 7 seconds to make an in-store purchase decision.

Experts also say that up to 70% of purchase decisions are made in store, nearly one third of decisions are made based on packaging alone and two thirds of consumers surveyed said they’ve tried a product based on packaging alone.*

Considering they may also be exposed to thousands of other products in store, good packaging design can be a secret weapon for boosting your sales. Poor design, in contrast, can sink you.

Packaging can be the first exposure your brand has to customers. And it’s definitely the last. It both sets the stage and closes the deal. As a tangible representation of your brand, your packaging works hard to protect your products, show them in their best light and differentiate them from competitors.

Your packaging is an extension of your brand. Your choice of messaging and design sets expectations of price and quality as well as revealing your brand’s ethos and personality. Your choice of materials and methods can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and can add novelty and interest.

Is your packaging saying and doing all it should?

* Sources: ipsos, dotcom distribution, businessinsider.com, brandpackaging.com and paperworker.com

What’s Our Process Look Like?

Whether it’s one product or a whole new line, we’ve got a plan for your launch success.


We start by discussing your business, brand, customers and competitors. Then we’ll look at the long-term goals you have for your products and brand so that the design work we engage in supports your larger goals if possible.


Groundwork Sessions are a series of online meetings and worksheets, we’ll discuss your brand in-depth as well as the ways your product is unique and better than others. We’ll create customer profiles and analyze your competitors brands and messaging then discuss both your current brand perceptions and your desired positioning as well.


As your packaging is such an important element in the overall expression of your brand, we provide design options to demonstrate where your brand could go by way of packaging. “Experimental and creative” to “conservative” and “safe”. Three very different packaging design options that will allow you and your team to consider what “feel” is right for your brand.

Typically, we present at least three different approaches; a conservative choice, a more edgy or experimental choice and an easier, middle-ground choice. we’ll share rationales (and potential issues) for each approach.

Once you and your team have weighed in with your thoughts, we’ll revise the chosen design and work on the remaining packaging panels. At this stage we should be working with a finalized dieline (supplied by the printer) and finalized ingredients, nutritional panels and other required text. we’ll work with you to write and/or edit the text for clarity, brevity, brand personality and sales appeal.

4. Iterations & Varietals

While you may only have plans to launch one product, your longer term plans may include a full product line. If this is true for you, we can provide designs and a plan for future line extensions to demonstrate how the design extends for future variants.

5. Packaging Mockups

Printing your packaging can take a while depending on the package and printing method, so we provide 3D photo-realistic mockups for marketing purposes. Mockups look as good, (or better), than real photos and can be used for websites, social media, print materials and more. They’re a high resolution short-cut to excellent product imagery at a fraction of the cost of an actual photo shoot.


Printers love our files. We’ve been creating press-ready artwork for decades and we do it well. We’ll work with your chosen packaging printer (or help you find one) then prepare files to their exact specifications.

For a modest additional fee, we can also supervise your press check, to ensure your printer delivers the best possible results.

Timing: Typically, a packaging design projects require 3-4 weeks. If additional materials are required like brochures, add another 2-4 weeks assuming a response time from you of 1-2 days each time.

* Packaging design does not include printing, deliveries or food photography costs. (recommended). Food photographers day rates can vary widely but estimate approximately $2000/day for a food photographers time (up to 6 shots depending on complexity). Stock photography can be used effectively on some projects. Clients are required to obtain their own UPC codes, ingredient decks and nutritional analysis for Nutritional Facts Tables.

“We were launching a new snack brand and had only a few weeks to create materials for an important trade show.

Brent built our booth, sales presentation, social media ad campaign and even an e-commerce website — all in time for our launch at the show!

Highly recommended.”

Leanne Stasiuk, Basic Grain Products

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