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Brand Sales Support and Website at a Breakneck Pace. Go!


Basic Grains had hired another firm to design their new snack chip, GoPlants, in the fall of 2019. The client had some misgivings about the previous design firm and reached out to Flink Branding for help. They were eager to launch the brand before ExpoEast and needed an e-commerce site, sales support materials, social media ads and stationery in advance of that.


Doing this work in conjunction with the launch of another Basic Grains product, Impulses Chips, made this an especially challenging time. Thankfully, we had a great rapport right from the start and things went really smoothly.

The website was a fairly simple one-pager that highlighted the benefits of plant-based proteins. In it, we featured product benefits in a header carousel, told the story of pulse-based proteins, and had a simple e-commerce store that allowed curious foodies to order them by the case.

I developed the line “Pulse-powered Snacking” which featured prominently on the site and on social media as a hashtag. We developed an initial Instagram campaign as well that talked about how these versatile chips fit with almost any lifestyle and diet plan. The campaign featured the familiar nametags we all know from tradeshows with people’s diet regimen and profession both displayed in an alliterative fashion.

“Hi There. My name is Gluten-free Gardener” or “Hi. I’m Vegetarian Veterinarian.”


Unfortunately, the company’s marketing and production were halted due to internal issues followed by a nice bit of worldwide pandemic. I look forward to working with them again soon.

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