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Website Helps Asian Importer Inspire Western Foodies.


Kosa Foods is a small Asian foods importer with a wide array of imported Thai food products. The brand has little awareness and until working with Flink Branding, they could only claim an Instagram account as their home online.


The Kosa Team has deep roots in Asia, having been importers of other Asian brands for many years. The Kosa brand is their own label and their goal is to eventually phase out other Asian brands in favour of their own.

I suggested to the client that Kosa might be positioned as a “bridge” for western families to discover the unique tastes of Asia and broaden their palettes. And with that in mind, set out to create a site that welcomed people into this exciting, new food adventure.

The copy was written with the novice foodie in mind and products were categorized and use cases explained in detail. I also suggested we hire a team of chefs and food photographers to develop easy-to-follow recipes for their social feeds and to encourage folks to try a new spin on their old favourites. We made recipe videos and for social media use, I also wrote and edited some 15-second tv commercial-style videos as well.

While not a true e-commerce site, their site links to their Amazon store and allows purchases to be made from there.


Kosa has an online home where consumers and retailers alike can find out about this delicious new brand. And their videos provide them with compelling content for online and social feeds.

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