Social Media Campaign Gives A Popular Men’s Lifestyle Magazine More "Exposure".


Every year Maxim Magazine runs its famous “CoverGirl of The Year Contest”. Women from around the world enter as the coveted spot can do wonders to boost the profile of aspiring models. For the 2023 edition of the contest, Maxim worked with my client, to publicize the contest. is the world’s leading talent competition platform. They provide life- and career-changing opportunities to up-and-coming, models, musicians, creators and influencers in the art and entertainment industries.

It’s a life-changing prize combo of exposure (pun intended), professional photo shoot with world renowned fashion photographer Giles Bensimmon , a cover spot on Maxim Magazine, $25,000 Cash and an all expense paid trip to Venice Italy.


It’s a lot of content to fit in a social post so, we broke the prize structure down across a number of posts instead. — Some focused on the valuable photoshoot, others on the trip to Venice and others on the cash prizes. Orbiit and Maxim will be running tests on the different post styles then shift all their media buy to the approach that has the highest clickthrough rate. Background music was stock and edited for a 12 second clips with the drop in the last few seconds.

Style Number One:

Social Media Posts — Style 01

Orbiiit and Maxim provided the prize details and a selection of images and videos for us to work with and then set the challenging goal of developing nearly 100 pieces of social media content in just 10 days!

They wanted a combination of messages across 3 different looks in both square and tall (reels) formats. We created media assets (logos, prize text etc) then locked down elements to create 3 unique templates, then started cranking out content.

Style Number Two:

Social Media Posts — Style 02

Style Number Three:

Social Media Posts — Style 03


Video Style Number Three:

Video Style Number One:

Our Orbiiit client was surprised we could meet their deadline and loved the results so much, they expect to partner with Flink Branding for an ongoing series of similar promotions in 2024. While the project clearly has nothing to do with the food and beverage industries, it does serve to illustrate how we can serve a wide variety of clients — and crank out loads of good-looking, content fast!

Not familiar with Maxim or their contest? Find out more here.

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