Megapro Tools imprint designs for case study


Helping A Tool Brand Build On Their Strengths.


Megapro has been making their multi-bit screwdrivers since 1994. The family-owned tool company has been growing fairly consistently but until recently, their brand and messaging have been largely undefined. Those who know them, love them a lot but without a clear creative strategy and approach, their messaging and appearance have been ineffective at positioning them as the leader they are.


After interviewing Megapro staff and sales team it became clear that the brand’s strongest attributes were their Lifetime Guarantee and their Made in USA stories. Few tool companies offer a guarantee like theirs and fewer still can claim the tiny number of returns they’ve had (a mere handful in over 25 years). After presenting a few overly complicated concepts, we’ve honed in on a messaging platform and approach that feels authentic, proud and strong.

Below are various packaging projects and lastly my race car graphics for the driver they sponsor and Limited Edition Independence Day packaging that helped kick off this strong industrial look.

The new Megapro packaging features loads of industrial-looking steel plate surfaces and screws and their new tone is confident, no-nonsense and authoritative.


The new Megapro look has yet to hit the marketplace but the staff and sales team have a renewed enthusiasm for their brand. And the folks in Niles, Michigan are all scrambling for the t-shirt that celebrates their workplace and local auto racing hero.

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