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Celebrating The Everyday With Organic Tortilla Chips.


Que Pasa Mexican Foods had been successfully overhauled. The products were now 100% vegan and organic and the new bags were a huge improvement from the previous ones. But now we had to generate awareness of the brand and do it in a way that made it clear that this was a NEW Que Pasa. Something fun, playful and upbeat.

After some initial posts featuring random quotes about food, we found our stride with #EverydayFiesta.


Chips and snacks are a nice-to-have and not an essential grocery item.

Our challenge we thought, was to reposition snacking as a normal response to an optimistic outlook on life. With the right attitude, lots of seemingly ordinary events become worth celebrating. And if they’re worth celebrating, they’re worth celebrating with Que Pasa chips.

“Que Pasa” is Spanish for “what’s happening” so as a means to build brand awareness and find more things to celebrate, I created the #EverydayFiesta Campaign.

Long, hyphenated phrases all celebrate ordinary moments and end with “Pasa”.


The campaign ran for several weeks and helped differentiate the old Que Pasa from the new, organic version of the brand. And as part of our ongoing commitment to creating loads of content, it enjoyed numerous likes and shares and helped us grow the number of followers the brand enjoyed.

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