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The Ultimate GPTs List

Small business owners, brace yourselves for a game-changer: GPTs! These AI wizards can whip up everything from engaging content to eye-catching designs, revolutionizing how we work. Think less time on the mundane and more on the magic. For the busy entrepreneur, GPTs are not just smart, they're an absolute business superhero!

(November 18 2023 Edition)

Power To The People.

As of just 10 days ago, there’s yet another cool wrinkle in the world of AI. Announced on November 6th, Custom GPTs were announced at Open AI’s first-ever developer conference in San Francisco. GPTs are custom versions of Chat GPT that can be easily created by Chat GPT Plus subscribers for specific niche uses — with absolutely NO programming required!

Here’s What They Are & How They Work.

Matt Wolfe, my favourite YouTube tech guru, shared this excellent video tutorial on what GPTs are and how to make your own. If you’re eager to play around with them first however, check out the 189 GPTs in the list below and see what incredible things you can make with your own GPTs. You may be busy for a while.

Eventually, GPTs will be available through Chat GPTs own GPT store, but for now, I wanted to share this list (from GitHub) with you. Unfortunately for some of you who don’t yet have a ChatGPT Plus account, Open AI has paused new signups as they scramble to deal with the sudden new usage spike due to the popularity of GPTs.

NOTE: This table does not show up properly on mobile. For best results visit this page on desktop computers.

Have additional GPTs to share?

If you’ve seen GPTs that should be added to then list, please email me with the GPT name and link and I’ll update this list as I discover more. Thanks! And have fun! 🙂

ABOUT THE AUTHOR / / / Brent Flink is an award-winning graphic designer, marketer and the founder and Creative Director of Flink Branding, a Vancouver-based food & beverage brand design firm. He specializes in helping food and beverage brands find their authentic voice and build brands that build companies.

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