The Right Name Can Make or Break Your CPG Brand!


Discover the Power of Naming
for Identities that Resonate
With Your Customers.

Naming is not just a label, it’s your brand’s first impression.

Think of naming as the handshake of your CPG product. It’s that first interaction that sets the stage for how your brand will be felt and remembered.

The perfect name takes into account the consumers you’re trying to attract, the competitors who are also reaching out to them, and the uniqueness you’re bringing to the marketplace.

Your name isn’t just a word.
It’s a promise.

It’s a vow of sorts, you make to your consumers every time they see your product. What do you offer, how are you different and what will customers experience? Consider the promises your brand name makes. Then, be sure your brand delivers on it. — Every single time.

The Goal In Naming CPG Brands:

  • Does the name accurately represent your new product?
  • Is the concept broad enough to include future products?
  • Is the name memorable?
  • Is the name easy to say and spell?
  • Does the name focus on consumer benefits?
  • Is the name available as a top-level domain?

“Brent did an amazing job developing a new brand for our family baking company. He listened to our ideas and included us in his design process. He is a true professional with an impressive portfolio of experience. We look forward to future projects with Flink Branding.”

Neil Reddy, Marketing Manager,
Reddymade Baking Co., Langley, BC

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