Branding is the “Sharper Nail” vs.
Your Competitors “Big Hammer”
Advertising Budget.

Sample logo designs from Flink Branding

Branding is more than just slapping logos on things.

Branding sets the tone for how your company shows up in the world. It takes into account the customers you sell to, the market you compete in and the unique attributes that make your brand special.

With that in mind, there’s obviously a lot to discuss before we start designing.

I call my process a “Brand Capture Session”. It involves a series of discussions, worksheets and stakeholder interviews to ensure we’ve accurately diagnosed the issues facing your brand before prescribing design solutions.

Working together, we’ll look at:

  • How to improve brand & message effectiveness
  • The key messages that will best support your brand
  • How to best stand out vs your competitors
  • How to position your brand for success
  • What your brand should look like and why?
  • How to achieve brand consistency online and off

Build A Brand That Helps Build Your Business.

Your brand can foster desire for your product, make you appear more established, more memorable and build loyalty. It can help retailers try you out, make you stand out in-store and even become a customer favourite.

If your branding is letting you down, let me help. You know your branding could be better. — Let’s fix it!

Increase Desire

People trust designs that show understanding. Appealing to their tastes, a company seems more relatable and gains trust.

Look More Established

New companies should appear seasoned. A fitting identity makes a brand seem firmer, more stable, and well-founded.

Be More Memorable

Great design makes you stand out and be recalled. Brands that linger in the mind have a greater chance of making sales.

Build Loyalty

When your identity is right, it creates loyalty despite rivals. Positive feelings towards your brand lead to a strong connection.

“…I had him create a logo, signage, and, of course, a website. I absolutely love how it all turned out. It loads fast, looks great on mobile, and says everything right. You’ve gotta’ try this guy!”

David Myer
Owner / Operator, Strongbacks Landscaping,
White Rock BC

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